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Alfredo Guevara, Important Cuban's Intellectual and Movie Maker,  to be Awarded the Latinidad 2008 Prize
The recognition is handed in every year in every country member of the Latin Union on occasion of the Día de la Latinidad (Latin Day), and it will be received by Guevara on that day, next May 15, in a ceremony which is to take place at the Least Basilica from the Saint Francis of Assis Convent in our capital.

The Latinidad Prize is given to personalities or institutions whose work has contributed to the rescue and preservation of the Latin heritage and national identity. It Cuba, it has been received by Rosario Novoa, Luisa Campuzano, Graziella Pogolotti, Cintio Vitier, Eusebio Leal, Monsignor Carlos M. de Céspedes and Roberto Fernández Retamar.

By handing it in now to Guevara, the Office of the Latin Union in Cuba recognizes the work of a lifetime dedicated to promote the best values of Latin American identity and for his contribution to movie art.

He is the founder of the Latin American ICAIC News, the Movie Library of Cuba, the Grupo de Experimentación Sonora (Sound Experimentation Group), the label Ediciones ICAIC, among other contributions. He is also the founder and one of the intellectual members of the Movement of the New Latin American Cinema and of the Latin American Movie Festival, of which he is the president. He also founded the magazines Cine Cubano (Cuban Cinema) and Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (New Latin American Cinema).

He has been our ambassador in UNESCO and has represented Cuba in different festivals and events related to cinema.

The Latin Union is an inter-governmental organization that brings together close to forty countries that have a Romance language as its official or national language in all the different continents. It is directed by a general secretary, its main seat is in Paris, France and its purpose is to contribute to the promotion of the Latin Heritage and the cultural identity of each one of the member states, through the promotion of courses, competitions, exhibitions and other activities in the different art branches,

The Latin Union Office in Cuba is to be found at the Callejón de Jústiz No. 21 between Oficios and Baratillo, Old Havana.


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