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The Cuban Grand Master (GM) Leinier Begins with Victory in Capablanca Chess Championship
Leinier, leader of the ranking in Latin America, moved the white pieces and defeated his opponent in 32 movemets of the variant Najdorf, of a Sicilian defense that sentenced with attack to the flank king.

Specialists quoted by the Cuban News Agency point out that the situation favored the Caribbean decisively since the move 27, when his queen, the two knights and a bishop were supplemented to press stalls like g5 and h7.

The victory of Leinier was the only in the Elite Group, which counts on the participation of 10 Grand Masters.

In the other matches the Cuban Yuniesky Quesada (2, 667) made a pact with Farruk Amonatov (2, 625), from Tajikistan, the same as host Holden Hernández (2, 568) and the German Igor Khenki (2, 609), the Cuban Jesús Nogueiras (2, 559) and Walter Arencibia (2, 534), Lázaro Bruzón (2 608) and the Dutch Sergei Tiviakov (2, 634).

The Open group, with 79 players, showed the victories of the International Master Humberto Pecorelli (2, 384) against the Danish Sune Berg Hansen (2, 549), and of the local FIDE Master Carlos Larduet (2, 337) in front of his host and GM Frank de la Paz (2, 483).


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