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Farouk Abdel Aziz Hosny, Culture Minister from Egypt in Cuba
Invited by his Cuban counterpart, Abel Prieto, the high Egiptian representative is accompanied by the famous historian Zahi Abass Abdelwahab Hawas, General Secretary from the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Mohamed Mohamed Ghoneim Salem, General Coordinator of the Project of the Great Egyptian Museum.

The delegation is also made up by professors Hossam Saad Zaghloul Tauwfik Nassar, Counselor for the Minister for Strategic Planning Businesses and Anwar Mahmoud Mahmoud Abdelrahman, Secretary of the Minister for Culture.

On Wednesday there will take place the official meeting between the Cuban Minister for Culture and the Egyptian delegation, who will hold work exchanges with the National Council of Cultural Heritage and of Artistic Teaching, and they will visit places of cultural and historic interest from the Cuban capital.

The Egyptian leader will also hold a meeting with Marta Lomas, Minister for Foreign inversion and economic collaboration. He will be received in the ministry and will sign agreements with the Cuban Minister for Culture and the Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión (Cuban Institute for Radio and Television).

Faouk Abdel Aziz Hosny was born in the city of Alexandria. He is a famous visual art artist with pieces in museums all over the world. His work as minister has taken place over the last twenty years during which time he has dedicated himself specialy to the rescue of Egyptian culture.

The participation of the very famous Folklorick Ballet from Alexandria is expected for the XII International Cubadisco Festival dedicated to Africa and its Diaspora and which is to start on May 17. They will perform in the Teatro Mella of the Capital in a single performance.


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