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In Camaguey, Cuba: Chicken Born with Four Legs
A chicken with four legs was born in the backyard of Pedro Sánchez Hernández, in the Saratoga neighborhood of this city.

The sibling of seven other "pip, pips," none have the same anomaly.

The "little one" is an event around the home, located in Passage B, number 17, of the above-mentioned neighborhood.

Before the commotion created by the occurrence, a neighbor of the lucky Sánchez' convinced him to take the chick to the offices of the provincial newspaper Adelante.

"It was born with four legs," commented neighbor Charity García, while the workers of the weekly publication stopped to peek at the chick, which is already a complete climber.

"It eats like a convict and climbs with such agility that it leaves its seven siblings behind. It doesn't still have name, but I call it Miracle," said Charity.

These malformations are the consequence of alterations in the birds chromosomes, with the probability of this happening again being in the range of one in several thousands, explained Alex Resillez Pujal, an assistant professor of Surgery and Anatomy of the faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Camagüey.

The veterinarian added that the malformation in the bird will not impede its growth and normal development, and that it can live to adulthood. Only with the passing of time, and when its gender is defined, will the life problems that it will face will become fully known.


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