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In Ciego de Ávila, Cuba: Stores About 850 Million Cubic Meters of Underground Water.
The underground waters of the two large basins of the territory make 94 percent of the capacities, which levels will be increased even more because of the rain after this month.

Besides the rains of the previous year, increased during October and November, the first quarter of 2008 was satisfactory, with precipitations above the historical average.

The hydraulic potential of the territory constitutes one of the largest in the country, together with those of Havana and Matanzas.
"This potential allows for the controlled irrigation of wide areas of miscellaneous crops and cattle raising, besides the operation of one hundred pumping stations of drinkable water for the population", as expressed by Fernando Fernández, a specialist from the Hydraulic Resources Enterprise.

The Hydraulic Sector Number Five, the most important out of the 15 making up the Ciego de Ávila territory, is completely recovered and supplies the tourist resort located on the North Archipelago, Ciro Redondo and Ceballos municipalities, Moron city and most of the provincial capital.

Fernández added that the reservoirs are filled at 64 percent, which figure will increase with the coming rains.

The downpours between January and April benefited the phreatic level, the dams and all the crops, except for potato and sugar.

The county maintains its hydrological prevention program updated to avoid problems, in the event of lingering rains.


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