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The World Organization of Industrial Property (WOIP) Recognition of Cuban Environmental Stamp Announced
With the obtaining of that recognition, the islands products acquire a preferred place in the market and the company offering it reinforces its ecological image

However, this is not the only benefit for the nations economy, products and services, or for foreign and national consumers. The world recognition of the Environmental Stamp enhances an ecological image of any company that offers the certified product or service. Likewise, it stimulates the use and development of clean and sustainable technologies - goals that are equally important in the global and local battle to protect nature "as well as ourselves" from the consequences of environmental damage that humans have caused.

"The Environmental Stamp is a mark of conformity that certifies that products are in compliance with Cuban standards relating to the protection of the environment," explained Ibrahim Urquiaga Mergarejo, head of the Department of Food, Consumption and Environment of the Institute of Standardization Research (ININ).

"It will allow the granting," he added, "of a distinguishing characteristic for the differentiation of 'green products and for confronting possible barriers to international trade. Likewise, is will provide consumers with better information on the environmental repercussions of articles, without compromising their security or that of the workers. Nor will it affect properties that make that merchandise suitable for consumption.

The label is based on the Analysis of the Life Cycle of the product and presupposes the granting of the use of a mark in cases in which the product fulfills specific ecological approaches.

The program is administered directly by the National Office of Standardization within the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA), the organization that applied for the international registration of the environmental stamp before the World Organization of Intellectual Property (WOIP).

"As a result," Ibrahim added, "today we have conditions to develop and implement the Program of Environmental Labeling of the Republic of Cuba, a mechanism that seeks to promote the design, development, commercialization and use of products with minimum negative effects on the environment throughout their life cycle.

In the expert's opinion, the scenario is favorable for developing and implementing such an important and necessary instrument, starting from the base of regulation and standardization, so as to reinvigorate the economy and give prioritized government attention to environmental concerns.


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