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Cuban at Meeting of the 4th Congress of the Latin American Union for the Blind
The delegation, led by ANCI's Vice-President Jose Blanch Ferrer, will take part in different discussions about issues concerning the blind associations, including the relation between the governments and non- governmental organizations in the participating countries.

As part of the Cuban representation are the national coordinators of the commissions for women and youth, Barbara Ajete Licor and Karina Gonzalez Dominguez, respectively. Also the director of the National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Jose Raul Baquet is attending the event.

ULAC emerged in November 1985 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. It currently consists of associations from 19 countries of Latin America, where more than 14 million people are visually impaired, according to official estimates.

Cuba was one of the nations participating in that meeting for the creation of the Union. Four years ago, 2004, the country took on the leadership of the organization with Jose Monteagudo Gonzarea as it's President.

In 1996, Cuba hosted the ULAC congress and general assembly.


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