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Guatemala dedicates a cinema cycle to the Cuban Five
Meanwhile, the Guatemalan Elías Jiménez, a graduate from the school of cinema of Havana, shows the film La casa de enfrente, which narrates aspects of the current reality in Cuba.

Every month Guatemala will honor these antiterrorist fighters with the exhibition of movies like Las Cruces (The Crosses), Poblado Próximo (Next Town), El Silencio del Neto (Neto 's Silence), Desaparición forzada en Guatemala (Forced Disappearance), Donde acaban los caminos (Where the Roads End), Rompiendo el Silencio (Breaking the Silence) and Misión contra el terror (Mission against the Terror).

The Five were arrested for infiltrating anti-Cuban groups in the South of Florida, in order to alert their country on terrorist actions that have caused thousands of deaths, wounded people and considerable damages to the national economy.


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