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Cuba and Libya explore sectors of common interest to strengthen their political and trade links
Cuban minister of Foreign Relations, Felipe Perez Roque, met his Libyan peer, Abdulrahman Mohammad Shalgham, who ratified the shared wish of boosting cooperation between both nations.

Mohammad, secretary of Libya s General People s Committee of Links Abroad and Internacional Collaboration, will meet several ministres and other Cuban officials.

The visitor reiterated Libya s support to the historic demands of the Cuban people, among them the rejection to the economic war led by successive administrations of the United States.

Cuba s chief diplomat thanked the ever more active role of Libya in the Non Aligned Movement and in world issues.

Perez Roque said the visito f Mohammad will deepen the joint analysis of regional topics, specially tose related to the situation in the Middle East and certain processes in Africa.

The Lybian delegation which will stay until next Monday had previously rendered tribute to Cuban Nacional Hero Jose Marti, befote whose monument they placed a flower offering.


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