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General Secretary of the Cuban Workers Federation Exhorted in Havana to Increase Production
During the National Ceremony for the May First, International Workers' Day, headed by the Cuban president Raúl Castro, Valdés Mesa added that the efforts should be centered mainly on the production of foods, on the quality of the services and on the substitution of imports.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that the labor leader asserted that modest advances are obtained in the productivity, included the socio-economic programs for the Revolution. He also meant the fact that in this May Day the workers celebrate the 50th anniversaries of the revolutionary victory in 1959 and at the 70th of their union organization.

"The prestige of Cuba grows internationally - he said - and it is evidenced in the fight against the U.S blockade, the solidary collaboration of the national specialists in dozens of countries and the contribution of this Caribbean island to the regional integration".

The leader of the Cuban union movement asserted that one of the first challenges for the Cubans is to solve the poeple's dissatisfactions and emphasized the necessity of using in a rational way the material and financial resources, the saving of the energy carriers and the raw matters and to reach the economic efficiency in all the orders.

"We must fight against indisciplines, violations and the criminal behaviors, because we live difficult times with consequences that affect equally to all", the leader pointed out.

"From this historical Square, let's ratify the determination of continuing the road toward the Socialism, as it was pointed out by the maximum leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz", stated Valdés Mesa at the end of his address.


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