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Rewarded Cuban farmers for groupers in the quality and quantity of their cultivations
Luis Cruz Valdés, member of the Provincial Bureau in charge of the ideological area, expressed that the merits achieved by this group of men and women have made them deserve the honours granted by the Council of State.

The medal Romárico Cordero García, highest honor awarded to farmers with an outstanding work, was bestowed upon Felipe Valdés Ramos, from Minas de Matahambre; Fidel Andreu Arce, from San Cristóbal; Felicia Moreno Mena and María del Carmen Báez, both of them from La Palma.

Likewise, the medal Antero Regalado was bestowed upon 18 cooperative farmers from nine Pinar del Río municipalities, who has reached encouraging results in the production of food.

On behalf of the awarded workers, 73 year-old farmer Felipe Jesús Valdés, thanked the recognition and ratified the collective commitment of Pinar del Río farmers to continue being loyal to the Revolution, that work which eliminated exploitation and rural discrimination, delivering the land to its very owners 49 years ago with the First Agrarian Reform Law.


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