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Seventy prizes and 28 mentions were granted in the fields of agricultural, technical, social and humanistic, pedagogical, computing, medical, natural, exact and life sciences; biological and non-biological processes, and physical culture.

In the name of the awarded, Nicté González, from Havanas Center of Researches and Medicine Development, said that devotion to work, rigor and technical depth are their main weapons to contribute to develop scientific thinking in Cuba.

"We must be faithful to [José] Martís idea that states that it is not a persons received or innate intelligence what gives them honor, but the way they use and save it.

"Meeting the commitment we have with Martis selfless people will depend greatly on our ability to face the immense challenges to carry out the scientific-technical work in a poor and blockaded country, proud of its history and ideas."

CITMAs director of Human Resources Dayamí González said that a total of 268 young have already received the prize.

"More than 60 percent of them come from provinces other than the capital, reflecting the extent of the educational work of the Revolution throughout the country," she said.

"Every year, selecting the recipient of the award is an increasingly complex process because the quality and performance of the candidates is better. An example of this is that 16 of the 45 who received recognition this year are Doctors in Science."

Also attending the event were Elba Rosa Pérez, head of the Science Department of the Partys Central Committee; Ismael Clark and Ana Yudith Área, presidents of the Academy of Science and the BTJ, respectively, and Georgina Bonilla, general secretary of the National Union of Science Workers.


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