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Cuban Poet Nancy Morejon Awarded in Galicia
The Association of Writers of the Galician Language, in Puerta del Camino Hotel, located in the capital of that autonomous community, Santiago de Compostela, granted the Cuban poet Nancy Morejon, the National Prize for Literature, a new award, as recognition to the reputation of her work in the literary panorama, the International AELG 2008 of "Escritora Galega Universal", (Universal Galician Writer), for the importance of her essays and lyrical to the Iberian-American culture.

Since her appearance, with only 18 years, in the anthology about the Newest Cuban Poetry, as well as her work as literary translator whose versions made possible the staging of Shakespeare's classic: The Twelfth Night, under the direction of Vicente Revuelta, as well as the worldwide recognition attained either in Europe as in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, support the decision of the Galician cultural institutions.

She will also participate in the colloquy, sponsored by the Council of the Galician Culture, where the poet will be introduced - at present she presides the Cuban Association of Writers of the Cuban Association of Writers and Artists- by the intellectual Cesareo Sanchez, President of the Association of Writers of Galicia.


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