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Cuban and Brazilian Information Institutions Sign Agreement
Carmen Sanchez Rojas, director of the Cuban IDICT, announced that she will sign the accord with her Brazilian counterpart, Emir Suadien, during the last day of sessions of the INFO 2008 Congress that is underway at the Convention Center in Havana with the participation of experts from 15 countries.

She explained that during her visit to Brasilia last November, the two institutions decided to implement actions of mutual exchange and cooperation that will be included in the agreement. This accord will be the first of its type between the two centers and it will include professional training and transference of technologies.

Suadien is one of the guests to the INFO 2008 Congress. Other personalities invited to this event include Abel L. Packer, from the Regional Library of Medicine; and Isabel Viera, from UNESCO's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

One of the main goals of this meeting is to evaluate the people's access to information technologies around the world and the large gap that exists in this aspect between the so-called First World and the underdeveloped nations.


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