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Efficiency of the Internet as a tool to spread the Cuban reality was highlighted.
In a keynote lecture given during the 34th International Book Fair of Buenos Aires, Acosta, who is the director of the cultural magazine La Jiribilla, talked about the beginnings of internet in Cuba and the role of the magazine in the struggle to counteract the ongoing international media hostility against Cuba.

She noted that in August 1996, Cuba was hooked up to the World Wide Web for the first time thanks to International Spring Corp. internet provider. The first connection was set up from Havana in spite of US efforts to stop Cuba from having access to new technologies, she stressed.

A few years later, in May 2001, La Jiribilla issued its first internet version, with the main objective of defending the Cuban reality, said Acosta.

"The information about the Cuban culture and revolution was and continues to be distorted or silenced by the powerful information centers," she explained.

"It was very important to at least try to alter the dominant discourse, to interact and to defend our truth in a space that would allow us to break blockades and frontiers," the journalist said.

The Buenos Aires International Book Fair kicked off Thursday April 24 with the participation of some 1,600 exhibitors.

Cuba is participating in the fair for the 25th year, this time with a delegation which also includes the writers Luis Baez, Jorge Fornet and Alberto Guerra.


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