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Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás announced the screening in Bilbao, Spain of a group of films.
For the second consecutive time, the Basque Country will echo the Gibara film festival, on the initiative of the NGO Mugarik Gabe, one of the sponsors of the project that also includes a conference on pressing social problems in todays world.

"The Basque Country, in northern Spain, has long maintained cooperation and solidarity ties with Third World nations. Beginning in 2007, it began promoting films from the Gibara festival", said the producer of films like 'Lucía and 'Un hombre de éxito.

Mugarik Gabe is committed to the spiritual values and the pragmatic elements promoted by festivals like the Gibara event.

It has also supported other similar initiatives, like the International Indigenous Peoples Film and Video Festival, set for September 10th through the 20th in Bolivia.


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