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Cuban Singer Silvio Rodriguez Resumes Cultural Tour in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
At the beginning of the show, also attended by Cuban artists Augusto Blanca, Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera and Ernesto Rancaño, the founder of the Cuban Nueva Trova movement explained to the inmates the motivations of the artistic tour and expressed his confidence on the improvement of human behaviour.

This "expedition" was resumed after so many years because you are all part of our people and I believe that culture must be taken everywhere, added Silvio.

The visitor were told about the activities of the nearly twenty artistic brigades that exist in the penitentiary institution.

Miguel Acebo Cortiñas, member of Cuban Central Committee and first secretary of Cuban Communist Party in this province and Fidel Pérez Luzbert, president of the government were also present as well as other local leaders and artists.

This presentation in Sancti Spiritus opens the second stage of the Expedition cultural project. The first stage began last January 14 in the Cuban eastern province of Guantánamo and ended up in Villa Clara province.


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