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Guamá Dramatic Group of Pinar del Río Cuba turns 40 years old
For that, there are people who say that an actor lives more than one life within his characters, but is that true?

Looking for an answer we went to Radio Guamá to have a dialogue with the members of the Dramatic Group, who have given their best to Pinar del Río people for 40 years.

Formerly there were some attempts to create a theater group in the radio station, but the project didnt work out until 1967.

It was still called Cadena Occidental de Radio when Ramón Rodríguez Corona, programming director general at that time, and Pedro Viñas Alfonso, both of them journalists, had the idea to create an acting group for the radio, but there was no one in the province to write the scripts then.

Nevertheless, they didnt give up, so the first scripts were written by themselves and the call was immediately launched.

Many youths applied, so they chose the best, among them artists and writers such as Nersys Felipe, Aurora Martínez, Teresita Fernández, Filomena Morales, Jesús Padrón Palacios, Hilario Piñero. Then, Jesús Benítez Rubio joined the group as narrator, Santiago Otero as sound technician and Mateo Antonio Tabares and Felix Lazo as effect technicians.

Forjadores de la libertad (Makers of freedom) was the first dramatized show on the air, its creator Corona tells that it was about patriots who had fought for Cubas independence.

Operación secreta (Secret operation) is a space also born at that time and remains nowadays in the preference of the audience; leading the Dramatic Group to win its first national prize in a Radio Festival with El Caso suela (The sole case).

Ecos de Juventud (Youth Echoes) was one of the most popular shows and it was transmitted live, as well as Carcajadas, recalls Jesús Padrón, an actor founder of the group, who has been awarded three times National Radio Prize.

The task, although may seem easy for some people, was a gigantic work, since the conditions in the beginnings were not so good.

For instance they didnt count on a real recording studio, not even air conditioning. There was a shortage of the rest of the devices such as microphones, sound consoles, and means for the effects.

They would transmit live, and of course, there was not a possibility to rectify a mistake, which makes the work much more worth to admire, since the result was always well accepted by the audience.

Today, 40 years later, the Dramatic Group follows the steps of those who one day took chances for radio in Pinar del Río.

A collective that has earned the respect of the audience with their professionalism and love for work, and during all this time has achieved their goals, even when the work conditions are not the best.

Currently, the bad air conditioning thwarts the final result, as well as the problems in the sound table, lighting and some other difficulties over which these men and women rise.

Going back to the beginning of the article, the actor, contrary to what many people think, lives his own existence. His characters, as loved as they might be, are just that, the fruit of some writers imagination or people who existed once and they bring back to life.


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