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Low Budget Film Festival Predicts Collapse of Hollywood
Fischer holds his theory that in the digital age: "Besides a democratization of the media, this format also allows us to make copies at low-cost, and have a network for distribution and exhibition alongside the traditional ones, which will destroy the hegemony of Hollywood".

Fischer also said that in terms of exports, the film industry is the second largest in the United States after the Aeronautic. Hollywood presently makes 77.4 percent of the films screened in Europe, 91.5 in Ireland, 93 in the UK, generally it controls 85 percent of the international market.

"But that's going to change." The 35 mm format, according to the specialist, is the key control for the distribution of Hollywood, it is very difficult to plagiarize, "That is why they have not changed to digital. It has nothing to do with the quality of support. " On the other side is the independent filmmaker who can produce at minimal cost -about 10,000 dollars- 10,000 copies of a movie in DVD format.

Even so, the vast industry is starting to suffer the consequences of the digital revolution: "Prior to the premiere of a film, they arranged a schedule that included a year of presentations in different countries, now, to prevent piracy, they have to produce tens of thousands of copies to be premiered almost simultaneously throughout the world, without knowing whether they are profitable or not," he said.

Fischer also defined Hollywood as a "combination of repetitive prefabricated and reusable parts," and mentioned some of its mechanisms of domination: the making of Blockbusters or dramatic productions, the aesthetic that tends towards universalism and entertainment, the 'happy end', the purchase of the best foreign directors and cinemas throughout the world, advertising and remakes.

Fischer bets that it will be the American industry itself that is responsible for its own decline, due to its high cost of production, marketing and distribution.

"The digital tsunami is unstoppable; in just a period of ten years we will know if I am right" said Herve Fischer.


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