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An important Cuban presence at Caribbean Studies Congress
The event took place under the topic of El devenir histórico y contemporáneo del Caribe (The historic and contemporary outcome of the Caribbean) and it included an ambassadors table where the diplomats debated on Geopolitics and Government in the Caribbean.

In these deliberations were present the ambassadors Manuel Aguilera de la Paz from Cuba, Pablo Martínez from the Dominican Republic and Luis Camilo Osorio from Colombia.

Aguilera talked about the singularity of the Cuban revolutionary process that started with the independence wars from the 19th century and inspired in the ideas by Martí of social justice, sovereignty and Latin American vocation, and the current socialist project.

As part of the Cuban delegation there were the researchers Ana Cairo Ballester, Zoila González, Yolanda Word, Graciela Chailloux and Salvador Morales who talked about the work by Martí and the exile of Mexican revolutionaries in Cuba.

The Cabildo room from the Veracruz town council declared ambassadors Martínez and Aguilera de la Paz distinguished guests from the city, according to the existing identity links between these Caribbean nations and Veracruz.


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