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The movie, directed by the Guatemalan Alejandro Ramírez and the Cuban Ernesto Pérez, refers to the four months Silvio spent on board the Playa Girón ship, from the Cuban fishing fleet, from September 1969 until January 1970.

It was a stage of fertile creativity for the singer and composer, where he wrote more than fifty songs, among them Ojalá, Al final de este viaje (At the end of this trip) and Te doy una canción (I give you a song), told Ramírez to Prensa Latina.

The idea of making the documentary surged out of an informal conversation with Ernesto Pérez, he pointed out. He added that they promoted an encounter between Silvio and four members of that crew and they started shooting from that point onwards.

Hombres sobre cubierta will be presented during the whole week in several cinemas from this capital and next April 23 on the main seat of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Guatemala, announced its director.

Ramírez is the author of more documentaries, among them Rostros de tres siglos (Three century old faces), Monteros, Las colmenas (The beehives), Demoler (To demolish), which got a coral award in one of the editions of the Latin American Movie Festival from Havana.


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