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According to the website, a lecture on the case was given by Arnold August, member of the International Commission for the Right to Family Visits recently created by the Free the Five International Committee.

The lecture was the first of seven included in a tour around the North and South of California this week to spread the truth about the case.

During his presentation, August recalled the disinformation campaign led by the US Government against Cuba and the silence kept by the mainstream media and the US official circles on the case.

"They are imprisoned in the United States for fighting terrorist actions against their country," August stressed.

He added that elections and democracy are terms used by the White House as a pretext to justify 50 years of economic blockade, provocations, interference and threats against the Caribbean nation.

Also participating in the event was Alicia Jrapko, a member of the Free the Five International Committee and one of the organizers of the tour.

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