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Casa de las Américas calls for the year 2009 the 50th edition of its Literary Award.
There will be also able to compete authors from Brazil with fiction books written in Portuguese and published in that language during the years 2007-2008.

At the same time the Casa de las Américas -taking into account the increasing importance of Latin community in the United States and its incidence in the most varied aspects of the life of that country- announces an extraordinary Award of research about Latin people in the United States, from any perspective or discipline. Book written in Spanish or English by Latin scholars living in the United States will be able to compete for it.

In all other aspects, the competing pieces will be under the general guidelines of the Award.


1.- Unpublished pieces may be sent in Spanish in the genres or categories of novels, testimonial literature and literature for children and young people. Those pieces that have been printed in no more than half of it are still considered unpublished.

2.- There will be able to compete Latin American authors, whether naturals or naturalized. For the Extraordinary Award will be able to compete only Latin American scholars living in the United States.

3.- Authors should send three copies typed in double space and foliated. The texts may not be more than 500 pages.

4.- No author will be allowed to send more than a book in each genre, nor with a piece in printing process, even if it is still unpublished. No piece may have previously achieved a national or international prize nor to compete for another prize while the result of the Casa de las Américas Award has not been made public. An author is not allowed to compete either in a genre in which he had already achieved this Award, in one of the four previous editions.

5.- A unique and indivisible award is given in each genre or category. This award will consist of 3000 dollars or the equivalent in the corresponding national currency, as well as the publication of the piece by the Casa de las Américas. Mentions will be awarded if the jury considers them necessary, but that does not imply any retribution nor editorial compromise from Casa de las Américas.

6.- The pieces should be signed by its authors, who should specify in which genres they prefer to participate. Literary pseudonyms are allowed, but in this case it will be essential that it accompanied by its identification. Authors should send their respective bibliographic cards.

7.- Casa de las Américas reserves itself the right of publication of what will be considered the first edition of the awarded pieces, up to a maximum of 10 000 copies, even if it is a joint edition or a copublished reprint. Such a right includes not just obvious economic aspects but also all of the graphic characteristics as well as others of the already mentioned first edition.

8.- Pieces should be sent to Casa de las Américas (3ra and G, El Vedado, La Habana 10400, Cuba), or to any one of the Cuban embassies, before October 31, 2008.

9.- Juries will meet in Havana in February 2009.

10.- Casa de las Américas will not return the competing originals.

11.- The failure to comply with any of these guidelines will lead to the invalidation of the awarded prize.

Casa de las Américas announces that once again it will give out three honor awards. These awards (José Lezama Lima, in poetry, José María Arguedas, in narration and Ezequiel Martínez Estrada in essays) will be given to important pieces written by an author from Our America, whose first edition in Spanish was in the years 2006 or 2007. Books with a Latin American and Caribbean theme, published also in Spanish will also be taken into account, no matter the nationality of its authors, in the case of essay books. The competing pieces, instead of being sent by the authors directly, will be exclusively nominated by a Committee created for that purpose.

(La Ventana)

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