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Renovating vision of the Cuban plastic
Pieces made by famous artists such as Juan Moreira, can be seen in the exhibition. Moreira gives the Cuban flag the connotation of a living being. He achieves that through a transmutation in which the lonely star and the two white stripes became doves in a figure where the synthesis works for the symbolism with the skill and excellence in the resource of the speciality.

Ángel Ramírez, a very famous young painter chooses Martí as the star of a sepia work, where the naïve language portraits the Cuban hero, dedicated to reading in a privileged work for its poetic sign.

Flora Fong shows a shining sunflower, where the flower takes the brightness of the sun in a painting with intense rhythm. The flower, as a central topic, seems to blaze, with its golden colours in the green decoration of the Cuban landscape.

Alfredo Sosabravo, uses the codes in his recent series, Huellas (Marks), characterised by the work in the drawing of a digital impression made out of lines, worked in a pictorial structure, where geometric elements burst in, in a curious expression of a conceptualism interwoven with the abstract expressionism.

A deity of the waters is integrated to the Cuban landscape through her hair, in blue colours, as a magical ritual of Alicia Leal. It is a much elaborated work, where the fantasy seems to be imbued by the magic realism.

After the Congress is expected that this collective exhibition moves to the Villa Manuela gallery, located in H street between 17 and 19, next the UNEAC.


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