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S.O.S, HIV increases in Pinar del Río, Cuba
Currently, the infected people in Vueltabajo added up to 337, and 122 out of them have passed away due to opportunist diseases. This year, 11 of the new cases are men and the rest are women.

According to Acosta Rodríguez the epidemic has changed its patterns and is affecting advanced ages. Today the average age of the new cases is near 30 years old, in contrast to the past years when the infected people were much younger.

Although not like some other countries, the disease continues constantly increasing in Cuba as well as in the province over the years, also caused by the increase of the inquiries made so far that reaches 30 438, about 4 500 more than the first trimester of 2007.

Candelaria, Los Palacios, Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río and San Juan y Martínez are the most affected territories.
The specialist added that in spite of all that has been done, they are not satisfied, for which actions with the most vulnerable groups of the society and the sexually active population are been developed.

He also noted the importance of taking tests periodically to determine whether one is infected or not, especially those people who suspect having the virus, that way the number of infected people is reduced and an early assistance is allowed.


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