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The exhibition is composed by chalcography of the 23 block of the frieze (ornament) of the monumental work, located in the Arcadia Mountains in Greece, where it can be seen the exquisiteness of the sculpture art the Greeks had in the classic period.

The exhibition also has plaster reproductions of three blocks of the frieze, from the collection of the Winckelmann Institute in Berlin, whose originals in marble are exhibit at the British Museum in London.

Discovered in XVIII century, the temple was not excavated until 1812 by a group of young European artists and scientists, who found among the ruins the first fragment of the wonderful bas-relief ornament.

The work was made by the architect Ictinos, the same who made the Parthenon in Athens, to honour Apollo and the nickname Epicurio came fro the help that god provided during the plague devastated Figalia.

The German painter and draftsman Martin Von Wagner (1777-1858), a protégé of Goethe and representative of Luis of Bayern, made the first draws of all blocks that were Publisher in Rome in a small print in 1814.

The contribution to sculptor art made by the Greek in the classic period is considered of universal significance.


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