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Presented a Turkish - Cuban documentary about Nazim Hikmet, the universal Turkish poet
The documentary caused great impression among the public. After its showing there were two speeches made by the Turkish producer of the documentary and the Cultural attaché of the Cuban Embassy, Alejandro Simancas, representing the Cuban Institute of Arts and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC after its initials in Spanish), an entity that took part in the project.

The event ended with a few words by the Cuban poet Pablo Armando Fernández, who is making a visit to Turkey and who thanked the favorable welcome and remembered the personal and literary dimension of Nazim Hikmet.

Invited by Nicolás Guillén, the Turkish poet visited the island in May 1961 and meet Cuban intellectuals, narrators and artists. After this experience he wrote the text "Reportaje en La Habana" (Report in Havana) that can be heard with his own voice in the documentary.

The documentary is made mixing archive pictures and recent interviews made to Cuban poets. The movie gives the people an idea of the human, creative and ideological values of Nazim Hikmet while analyses the first years of the Cuban Revolution the exiled poet saw with his own eyes.

Among the participants in the documentary are Miguel Barnet, Lisandro Otero, Raúl Valdés, Waldo Leyva, Georgina Herrera and Pablo Armando Fernández, who interviewed Hikmet during that visit for the literary supplement Los Lunes de Revolución and for the Cuban TV.

The work to be premiered in Turkish theatre halls has been made by Cagri Kinikoglu and Gloria Rolando who shortly will also present their work in Cuba.


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