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A Special Assistant of the Bush Administration of Cuban Origin, Resigns after Corruption Scandal
A special assistant of the Bush Administration of Cuban origin, Felipe Sexto, has been forced to resign due to a corruption scandal.

Sixtos resignation came after US federal authorities found evidence of corruption during his three years as cabinet director of the Center for a Free Cuba, a Washington-based organization headed by terrorist Frank Calzon.

This organization has received large sums of money from the US government to carry out actions against Cuba (it receives two million dollars per year from the USAID alone).

While he was making the announcement, White House spokesman Scout Stanzel could not specify how much money Sixto had stolen.

This scandal has again given the headlines of the US press to the shady maneuvers of the anti-Cuba groups, mainly in South Florida.

Recently, a report by the US Office of Governmental Accounting informed Congress about the dubious use of funds appropriated by the White House and by Capitol Hill to these anti-Cuba organizations from 1996 to 2006.

According to the report, they not only had failed in overthrowing the Cuban Revolution but the money had been used to buy Godiva chocolates, cashmere coats, videogames, electric saws, and other important "weapons for the fight".


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