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Cuban rice production may be restored with the support of a project coming from the ALBA.
Ruta Invasora is located in the central province of Camaguey, and is trying to recover much of its cultivation areas currently infested with the weed marabu and others.

As part of the agreements signed by Havana and Caracas, resources for specialized production of rice, including machinery, instruments and spare parts to remove undesired vegetation in the areas were allotted.

The mill produced 24,000 tons of rice at the beginning of last decade, but the financial limitations of the island affected cultivation and many of the fields were invaded by marabu.

Idelino Alvarez, director of the complex, specified that the recovery of productive levels will be facilitated when they get the new resources.

The main investments are projected in machinery for preparation of the land and crops, drying equipment for the mills and transport, as well as to road maintenance and attention to rice communities.

Besides the projects financed by ALBA, an initiative to which Bolivia and Nicaragua belong, the rice complex is benefited from agreements subscribed with Vietnam.


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