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The most recent CD of the Cuban saxophonist César López and his Habana Ensemble band is a challenge from every point of view. Sponsored by the famous and multi awarded recording house Bis Music and entitled "Clásicos de Cuba", it was recorded in live on March 2007 in the Amadeo Roldán Theatre, in an unforgettable concert offered to celebrate the band and its X Anniversary, in which the Havanas Chamber Orchestra, directed by the maestro Iván del Prado, was invited.

Habana Ensemble was founded at the end of 1997 by a restless group of young musicians directed by César, who made a fusion of dancing popular music, Jazz, Timba and diverse genders already anthological, such as Mambo, Cha cha chá or Danzón: a testimony of it was the accurate version of "Vereda Tropical" (Gonzalo Curiel) interpreted by Leo Vera, founder vocalist of the group, which was one of the best themes interpreted by the band at the time.

In this new recording, Bis Music is betting for a CD with a new concept, such as it was "Andante", the previous work of César that obtained the award in Cubadisco 2006 in the Jazz category. On the cover of that one was recreated a drawing of Reinerio Tamayo, an artist who achieves a new visual success in "Clásicos..." with a suggestive work that continues the line of meticulousness and detail, with César flowing from a saxophone and dressed with an extremely Cuban Guayabera, a symbol of cubanía.

Emblematic themes of the Cuban song appear in "Clásicos de Cuba", of several composers who, sometimes, belong to the same generation, such as Angel Díaz, José A. Méndez, Portillo de la Luz and Marta Valdés, excelled personalities of the feeling and the new harmonic conception known up to now of the Cuban Bolero, which redesigned the song thanks to their search of new timbres; also Pablo Milanés, Sindo Garay and Tania Castellanos were chosen by César to project, in a coherent way, a work which excels for its sonorous equilibrium, its excellent orchestrations and most of all, for the fusion work with a chamber orchestra which is not a passive observer but a total protagonist of the musical act.

The producers and musical directors had the intention that Havanas Chamber Orchestra were able to accomplish a peculiar sound in the CD, that it werent an orchestral "stuff", but to achieve that the string passages brought about a conceptual message tightly bound to the spirit of the group and, most of all, to that profound fusion with Jazz, everything achieved thanks to the morphologic domain that its director has on popular music, the maestro Iván del Prado, and to all the desk work and rehearsals that preceded the concert of March 2007.

And as a good Jazzist, César López assumes in the CD the primordial concept of the impromptu, and most of all, that the virtuosity of the performers excel in every version, as occurs in the whole CD and very specially in "Scherezada", a hymn to that binomial authorship of Cuban music who were Piloto and Vera. At the same time, its necessary to emphasize as well the accurate interpretation and the voice of Joaquín Moré in "Tú no sospechas", and Alexis Boschs work as co-producer of the CD.


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