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Cuban National Symphonic Orchestra to perform in Angola
With a long trajectory in the musical world, Gama will present his record O meu peregrinará?, he recorded in Cuba accompanied by the OSN.

The musician indicated that the women quartet Sexto sentido will also be presented.

Forty instrumentalists from the OSN, conducted by Adagoberto González, will be part of the cultural Angolan evening that will celebrate the sixth anniversary of peace in this country.

Gama indicated the record has 13 songs performed in several national languages such as kimbundu, umbundu, kikongo, lingala and zulú as well as in Spanish and Portuguese.

Considered done of the best Angolan tenors, the singer affirmed his work is about social problems of the daily life in his country and about the poverty of the African continent.

Mario Gama started his career in 1961, recorded his first record in 1968 at the Portuguese studios Valentim de Carvalho and became famous after he composed the song President, president in 1974.


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