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Cuba will host from April 7-11 the 7th Meeting against Free Trade Treaties for Integration
Osvaldo Martinez, director of the Center for World Economic Research (CIEM) and president of the organizing commission, called to set up networks and run social movement integration drives.

The agenda will touch fighting the North American Free Trade Agreement, foreign debt and every World Bank and IMF strategies, the US growing militarization of the region and criminalization of social projects.

Martinez also called to fight policies that threaten the environment and add to global warming, the neoliberal campaign to produce fuel from food and embezzlement of Latin American natural resources.

The panels will also study free trade agreements with the US and European Union and the mechanisms of financial domain Vs. Banco del Sur.

Martinez called the meeting one of the most important for the Latin American social movement and mentioned the expectation created with the decision to set up fronts against the dangers of today's globalized world.


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