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Cuban National Ballet  will travel in April to Egyp and Spain
According to company sources, the repertoire includes a trilogy of the great traditional classic: Giselle, Don Quijote and Swan Lake. It also includes a panorama of the most important moments of the choreographic art from the XIX century, titled Magic of Dance.

The debut in Egypt will be the 7 of April and there will be presentations until the 12 of the same month in three venues, one of them the Theatre of Light and Sound with the pyramids as a privilege environment.

The other two venues are the Cairo Opera House and the Sayyed Darweesh in Alexandria.

For Alonso, the performance of the BNC in Egypt is the materialization of a long awaited dream that started to be built some years ago, when in front to the pyramids, she felt for the first time, according to her own words, the sensation of the pass of time, the perception of eternity.

The group is made by first figures, soloist and dancers among who are Annette Delgado, Viengsay Valdés, Víctor Gilí, Joel Carreño and Romel Frómeta.

They are joined by Sadaise Arencibia, Yolanda Correa, Javier Torres and Elier Bourzac who will take main roles in the selected plays that are Alonso versions of the originals.

From Egypt the company will travel to Spain for a tour that will stop in Madrid, Castilla-Leon, Barcelona and Valencia.


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