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In Havana: Image and music from Puerto Rico
Sin palabras (Without words) is the photo exhibition presented by the Asociación de Fotorreporteros (Photo reporters Association) from Puerto Rico at the International Press Center, starting from this Monday.

They are considered to be excellent photos of human, cultural, sport and political interest, as well as fashion, shows and nature, as a graphic example of the life of the people from Puerto Rico as well as the relationship between Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Miguel Rosa, President from the Asociación de Fotorreporteros in Puerto Rico will fraternize with colleagues and the Cuban people.

This Puerto Rican delegation is made up by the folklore writer Norma Salazar for the presentation of the book Tite Curet Alonso: Lírica y canción (Tite Curet Alonso: Lyrics and songs). Cubans remember Titet Curet, one of the best Puerto Rican composers, as the author of musical hits such as La Tirana (The tyrant), Carcajada final (Final laugh), Puro teatro (Pure theater), Detuve el reloj (I stopped the clock), Brujería (Witchcraft), Tiemblas (Shakes), Anacaona and Don Fulano.


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