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In Havana: International Security and Defense Conference from next april.
The main subjects of debate are tied to security and defense in the Americas; the existing challenges and threats; the building of a new reliable system on the continent; human security; civil-military relations and the role of the armed forces in society, the influence of the United States in the hemispheric system and the possibilities for integration in this field.

Manuel Carbonell Vidal, vice president of the CEID told a press conference that the topics of the event will be related to war and peace; armed conflicts; the arms race; the illegal trafficking of conventional weapons and military bases, reports Granma newspaper.

The specialists will examine the current state and perspectives of global security and defense theories; and the global problems affecting humanity including the smuggling of people; immigration; energy resources; natural resources and their role in the security of countries, climate change and natural disasters.

The conference will also cover problems associated with terrorism, drugs, individual insecurity and other transnational threats.


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