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Raúl Torres, one of the most charismatic troubadours from the 1990's, will produce a record with Pablo Milanés
After several years away from the Islands theatres, Torres comes back as a mature artist.

With a soft and clear voice, Torres won the support of his contemporaries with two or three love songs that soon called the attention of critics, journalists and even musicians. They were pieces filled with lyricism and beautiful melodies that no one has ever forgotten.

After more than 10 years away from Cuban theatres, Torres comes back to produce a record with Pablo Milanés, one of Cubas greatest musicians who became his musical mentor during the 1980's and helped him gain fame in Cuba and abroad. He sings two of the songs from that period with Milanés, one of the founders of Cubas new trova.

Apparently aware of the thirst from his fans to listen to him, Torres organized a series of concerts in Havana and in other provinces. One of them took place last weekend with one of Pablo Milanés' daughters, Lynn. It was a concert full of emotions, and the audience didnt want it to stop.

But the Raúl Torres who is now in Cuba is no longer the same boy who used to complain about failed loves. He is going through a period of artistic maturity, which makes him criticize, censure and think more about societies. Its like he feels he has the duty to make things better, as any other intellectual.

Born in the city of Bayamo, in the eastern part of the Island, Torres became artistically famous in the central province of Matanzas, and then in Havana, where his popularity grew even more.

He has also matured from the musical viewpoint, so in addition to the usual trova elements, his current work includes influences from the Brazilian, African and Anglo-Saxon music and jazz.

Torres, who is in his early 40's, will re-edit in Cuba his record Ala de luz (Wing of light), which was never on sale in the country. Its a transitional record between Candil de Nieve (Snow lamp), his classic CD, and Maqueta de platino (Platinum model), his latest one, which he recorded in Spain and contains 18 tracks, including poetic compositions and songs, some of which has a socio-political content. Others speak of wars and terrorism.

Another Cuban artist, David Torrens, features in Platinum model with Torres. They have been friends and musical partners since the 1980's. They took different ways years later, when Torrens settled down in Mexico and Raúl stayed in Cuba, until he also went to live abroad.


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