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Implantation of Adult Stem Cells in Cuba
According to AIN, Porfirio Hernández, Deputy Director of Researchers of the Hematology and Immunology Institute is the main author of the work titled Autotrasplant of Adult Stem Cells in Lower Limb with Critical Ischemia, issued in the official organ of the Spanish Society of Surgical Research.

The award included doctor Elvira Dorticos, head of the Transplant Service of Hematopoietic Cells of the aforementioned institution as well as the physicians Lázaro Cortina, Rosa María Lam, Consuelo Macías and Lázaro del Valle.

After laboratory researches with animals, Cuba began in 2002 the first clinical trials using adult stem cells obtained from the same patient, with peripheral arteriopathy in lower limbs.

This disease has an effect on the arteries of lower limbs due to problems in the circulation of the blood. Its very similar to the atherosclerosis disease that causes ischemic cardiopathy when affecting the coronary arteries or a cerebrovascular disease that influences the arteries supplying the brain.

The most evident symptoms began with slight pains that get worse even if the person is at rest. If it is not treated adequately on time, the deterioration of the arteries can eventually affect the vitality of the limb, it can cause hair loss, coldness, skin problems, wounds that are not healed and in the last phase, important ulcers that can turn into gangrene.

The study of the Cuban physicians included also people with severe ischemic cardiopathy. This research highlights the island as the first one in the region and even in some countries of Europe and Asia carrying out this type of implant.

This new regenerative technique in the field of Angiology has been spread to Pinar del Rio, Villa Clara and Cienfuegos with promising results. The first steps forward in Othopedy are about to be taken.
Likewise, the application of stem cells in Ophthalmology to treat diseases like Pterygium which is a proud flesh in the eye is being studied.


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