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Humanity Needs Art expressed Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez
Diseases, hunger and incurable viruses increase, while wealth remain in the hands of few. We all need to take a step forward in the search for peace, he told Prensa Latina.

He indicated that the budgets of the war industry are the largest of the world. "More war, more money for death".

We, artists, have a vital role in the 21st century: the one of giving spiritual strength to the human being. We must save our grandsons and we won't if we don't put a stop to this egoism and personal wealth anxiety, he pointed out.

Fernandez added he studies more now, in order to ensure his message gets to more people. "We need to remain together and seek happiness".

The outstanding piano composer and interpreter stated those reflections during a press conference celebrated at Sauto Theater, in this city, 62 miles east Havana, where he will offer a concert on Saturday.

Fernandez will be accompanied by Matanzas Symphony Orchestra, led by Enrique Perez Mesa, and will interpret Italian Symphony of Mendelsohn and the 4th Concert for piano and orchestra of Ludwig van Beethoven.

The pianist will dedicate his performance to anniversary 145th of Sauto Theater.


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