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Famous presenter of the Cuban popular music received in Mexico City the Thomas Alba Edison distinction.
The recognition was delivered at the Estudio A of Radio IMER, considered one of the most spacious ones in Latin America, during the live program Corazón Directo, which has a wide national diffusion.

In his thanking words, the announcer of Radio Progreso said that he dedicates the tribute he has just received, to announcer workers in his country.

He added that in his 79 years, he already visited several nations, but he didnt wanted to die without visiting Mexico, a country - he said - to which he is related with close links of friendship and affection.

Rosillo tell the crowded public that came to radio IMER, chapters of his work and friendship relationships with several glories of the Cuban music, such as Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo), Rafael Lay, Benny Moré, Antonio Arcaño and many more, says Prensa Latina.

In that occasion was presented the book Eduardo Rosillo, el alma de la música popular cubana (Eduardo Rosillo, the soul of the Cuban popular music), written by the Cuban Bachelor in Letters and Journalist Ivón Peñalver.

Together with the host of the popular Cuban program Alegrías de Sobremesa, who also received the Alba Edison award, another three mainstays of the Mexican romantic song and phrase, including the Bolero singer Gualberto Castro, member of the duet Los Hermanos Castro.

Melquíades Sánchez Orozco, known in Mexico as La Voz del Estadio Azteca (The Voice of the Aztec State) and Cristina Pacheco, a host of the cultural programs, who is a deep expert of the Cuban music, also won the trophy that carries the name of the inventor of the phonograph.


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