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Oral festival in Cuba in Havana from the 17 until the 23 of March.
The III International Festival of Oral Narration, or Spring of Stories, as it is also known, will have guests from Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the host country.

Its program includes a Basic Workshop of oral Narration and a historic conference about the topic, in charge of the researcher Ana Vera, from the Juan Marinello Research centre of Development of the Cuban Culture.

It will also be held the competition Contar la vida, where the storytellers will tell personal experiences or real facts that due to dramatic or humoristic reasons have been kept in memory.

During the festival will be held artistic events coincident with the start of the spring and the 20 of March will be held the World Day of Oral Narration.

The storytellers will revitalize today and the countries of Latin America, among them Cuba will be among the ones with the grater oral tradition.


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