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Nicaraguan acclaimed the Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez
Precede by the Nicaraguan Moisés Gadea and the popular Guardabarranco duet, Silvio went on stage yesterday night and snag for almost two hours old and new songs.

His admirers sang Ojalá, El Necio, La Maza as well as many other songs and never ended the applauses to one of the founders of the Cuban Nueva Trova movement.

After a break, Vicente Feliu, who is also founder of the movement, received great applauses with his song "Créeme". Then Silvio came back to stage and thanked the Nicaraguan people for their welcome.

The concert was not lack of words expressing solidarity and love among people and there was a special moment when it was read a text sent by the US actor Danny Glover, denouncing the prison in the USA of the five Cuban arbitrarily condemned for fighting against terrorism.

Jesus de la Rocha, a Nicaraguan Engineer said to Prensa Latina , this concert was "like reviving the music of the 80's".

However, he regretted that the Pharaohs Casino event centre was too small for a big figure of the Latin American music.


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