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Dedicated to Che a CD:
The new CD is inspired by Argentinean-Cuban legendary guerrilla Commander Ernesto Guevara (Che).

In statements to the press in central Villa Clara province, the renowned musician said that the CD has a prelude and is divided into seven parts, as if it was a symphonic movement.

Participants in the CD include the National Symphony Orchestra directed by Vitier himself, Spanish tenor Antonio Comas, soprano Bárbara Llanes, pianist Marcos Madrigal and the choir Exaudi, with the libretto by Silvia Rodríguez Rivero, reported Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

Vitier highlighted that the work goes far from simply alluding to the hero, the person willing to sacrifice his own life for his fellow man, which was the case of the legendary guerrilla fighter and many others throughout history.

"The work refers to the man and his sacrifice, without ruling out his tragic death. It is also about us," he said, "who were very young at the time Che died and became a universal symbol."

Vitier expressed his desire to launch his new CD this year in the city of Santa Clara on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Ches birth.


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