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Another Cuban's Place for Art: Viñales.
Noel Díaz needed about six years to plant wooden figures in his garden, pieces made with the raw material offered by the forest.

He tells that everything began one day when on his way home he found a piece of trunk whose shape and texture called his attention, so decided to take it with him.

Some weeks afterwards, the first piece of art came to life and eversince he knew he had found a good reason for his days.

An expert of tobacco growing since very young, this guajiro confesses that each of his dreams are coming true now, from the most astonishing fantasy to the movement of the water over the rocks.

He explains that Raíces Workshop- House (Roots), now a museum, emerged since he wanted to keep all of his creations and had not enough space, so he began planting them in his garden as flowers.

"Now Im surrounded by deer, women faces, weird snakes, men, huts and even a huge dinousar", he stated.

Feeling happy for the great amount of spectators that enjoy a new and natural proposal, he assures that is going to start a greater project that allows him to plant numerous figures until reaching the mountains.

Thats a hopeful longing that will get him closer to the charms of the countryside, already attached to his work.


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