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Criticize Use of Bio-fuels: 10th International Meeting of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems.
The issue was analyzed at the Agro-fuel Commission of the conference on the fourth working day of the event this Thursday.

In his presentation about food and agro-fuels, Emilio Romero, with the Autonomous University of Mexico, said the U.S, by encouraging such an energy strategy to satisfy the demands of the automobile industry, has caused an increase in the quotes of the basic grains.

He pointed out the negative impact of the policy on Third World nations that depend on the production of basic grains such as corn.

Romero mentioned as an example the case of Mexico that "fell in the trap" and now it has to buy 10 million tons of corn to meet its domestic demands.

He said the food production problems result in an increase of poverty, migration, malnutrition and drug trafficking. He said it also generates other dangerous situations that threaten the social and political situation of the country.

The Mexican scholar also warned of the impact of the use of biofuels on the climate change with the increase in the production of soy in Brazil that has entailed an indiscriminate cutting down of trees in Amazonia.

Present at the debate, Tirso Sanchez, with the Cuban Association of Sugar Technicians and Julio Torres, analyst of the Cuban Science and Technology Observatory, reiterated the position of their country against the use of food for the production of fuel and called for a change in the consumer model of the First World.


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