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Cuba and Portugal for the First Time, an International Conference for Respiration Problems.
Portuguese experts on the subject choose Cuba to be the host of the conference because of the advances made by Cuban doctors, Carmen Rosa Valladares, president of the Cuban Pneumology Society, told the press on Thursday.
The event will be held March 10 through 12 in Havana.

Valladares said among the most interesting topics of discussion will be those related to occupational health hazards and how to prevent diseases brought on by handling dangerous substances at the work place.

Also included on the conference agenda will community participation in eliminating tuberculosis, and efforts made by other nations to eradicate this disease that still affects a large number of the people in the world.

In Cuba, the government has allocated a large portion of the country's budget to guarantee a better quality of life for its people and in particular for those suffering respiratory problems, one of the main causes of death in Third World nations.


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