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Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez captivated with his music over 10 thousand Guatemalans.
Despite the low temperatures the public was held enthusiast for more than two hours in an open space stadium and obliged the singer to return twice to the stage before saying good bye.

Silvio included in the repertoire songs from his resent album, as well as famous old songs, among which it is worth mentioning "El necio", "Unicornio Azul", "Playa Girón", "La Maza" and "Ojalá".

"It has been a special night we were waiting for a long time. Silvio carries a message that transcend and therefore we have come here to see him and be with him", declared Fabrizio Morales to Prensa Latina.

Jorge Chacón travelled 400 kilometres from the northern department of Peten to see an artist - he said - who inspired the Latin American revolutionary and the change process in the region.

Several cheers to Cuban Fidel Castro and his Revolution were heard during the concert, where Silvio was accompanied by the also singer Vicente Feliú and the group Trovarroco.

The musician made a parenthesis to explain the public the case of the five young Cubans who are unjustly imprisoned in the USA for defending their people against terrorist attacks launched from US soil and he dedicated a song to them.

With his performance here, Silvio Rodriguez fulfilled an old dream, he, as Latin American, always felt and though need to know.

This was his first presentation in Guatemala, in a Central American tour that continued in El Salvador and later on in Nicaragua.


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