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A good tobacco is expected in Pinar del Río, Cuba for the 2008.
This year the campaign had a 25-day delay due to the climate conditions that affected Vueltabajo during September and October.

According to Enrique Cruz Villate, chief of the Provincial Tobacco Group, thanks to the hard work of the tobacco growers in Pinar, the 1 436.8 caballerias planned for this year, have been already sown.

The plantations are healthy and the survival remains at 95 percent, for which yield and quality are estimated to surpass the last period.

The tobacco houses repair and construction plan has no difficulties and count on all the necessary force to complete it. Concerning the program of stick-sun grown tobacco, Cruz Villate said that it has been strengthened in Vueltabajo, since this variety is destined to the cigarette industry, mostly destined to the citizens.

Enrique Cruz noted the positive attitude of the growers of Pinar for not giving up to a worthy harvest that has been recognized all over the world.


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