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Wind farm Gibara I, Cuba, being built at the coastline of the northern like-called city
The mechanical assembling of its six air generators was recently concluded and the constructors currently work to complete details for the start-up, by the end of February.
The Gibara I, so-called for the coming building of a second like-plant, will produce 5.1 megawatts, as part of the project for alternative power generation to support the National Electricity System.
The air generators, placed on 55 meter-high flagpoles on the shore, will use the wind drives to produce electricity using no oil at all.
The equipment, with Spanish technology, is hi-tech and automatically controlled, including the transference to the national net through a 33kV line to the substation at Gibara city.
Hector Lugo, in charge of the wind parks project of the provincial territory, highlighted the relevance of such facilities when the world oil prices are near a hundred dollars a barrel.
The wind drive technology is applied on several other sites throughout the country; for instance Cayo Coco, and the Isle of Youth, however the project in Holguin remains the foremost important.


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