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The Computerized Axial Tomography Advances in Cuba
The Caribbean island is located among the countries of the highest technological level in the use this technique, when having 39 equipments for the Computerized Axial Tomography, besides a dozen of equipments of Magnetic Resonance, what contributes to elevate the quality of the medical diagnoses.

Important results have been obtained with this technique in the program of precocious detection of breast cancer, and with other equipments to measure the bony density.

A wirte from the Cuban News Agency y points out that Cuba works arduously in the formation and training of the human resources in this field, where the Caribbean nation has offered collaboration to other countries like Venezuela.

In this sense, Cuba has graduated 148 specialists in images, 166 technicians and about 300 engineers in technologies of medical images, aspect that allows to face with success the effort of the country.


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