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Theatre Crusade in the Cuban mountains
In tribute to the 155 anniversary of the birth date of the National Hero Jose Marti, members of that famous option of scenic arts in Guantánamo will offer over three hundred performances in remote zones with difficult access of the eastern Cuban mountains.

This time the crusade will celebrate its 18 anniversary and will fete the consecrated dramatist Gertrudis Campos, a participant in every edition of the cultural tour.

The group will be accompanied by the members of Teatro Andante group of Granma province, who are regular in the tour, actor Armando Morales, director of Teatro Guiñol Nacional and Jorge Juan Blandó who directs the cultural corporation Nuestra Gente in Medellín, Colombia.

Every participant group or artists will exhibit their presentation in different open spaces and population groups, as a heritage of a practice made by the "crusaders" in these years.

The Guantánamo Project promotes the analysis and the reflexive laugh, the development of the amateur artist movement in the mountains and train teachers in puppet creation with forest resources.

The 35 days that usually last the Crusade take place in a nice complicity with the land men and its value has been recognized by Cuban cultural institutions, among them the Felix Varela Center that gave them the Elena Gil Award, created in honor of that famous teacher.


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